Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gemma Beret

Gemma Beret is complete, I was so inspired that I just kept knitting till it was done, 3 days start to finish.
Flat view, on deck in SUNSHINE! from yesterday. Alas, today is cloudy again.
In case you are wondering how I got the picture of the beret looking rounded, but not on a head, well there's a cantaloupe inside. I'll be taking it down to Kim this weekend and will try to get a picture of it on.

***Edit to original post: I originally found the pattern on the Rowan website, I was lucky because there was a glitch in their system at the time (I didn't know it was a glitch) that let me download a pattern that was suppose to be just for paid members only.
Remember on Sunday when I was planting those bulbs, well this is the view on Tuesday. A little sunshine does a lot, but this seems to be a very early iris and a very short one. This morning the pot has more shoots showing.