Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I noticed that all the blogs I regularly read have posts for Valentine's day with some appropriate content, so for your viewing pleasure is my Valentine Quilt. A number of years ago my quilt group, the What Knots did a project where each one of us made 12 (there are 12 in our group) 4" blocks with a Valentine's day theme, each person has the same blocks. Here is the way I set them (yes it took me a few years to get it together). At our meeting last month Laurie showed how she set her blocks, so now about half of us have them done, I'd love to have a show of them all together.
Another view, I took these pictures with the quilt on a table and me on a chair and also standing on the table. I couldn't decide which one was the best so you've got both. I was clicking through the pictures like in the Optometrists office, "which is better number one (click) or number two?" You can click on the pictures to look at a larger view.
Here are some blocks I've been working on with scraps. I was inspired by Wanda's Happy Quilt.
And I haven't reported yet on Fat Tuesday, a local fabric shop has a yearly event where they sell FQ's for $1 each (minimum of 20). They open at 6 am, I went at 8:00 before work and this year they were really picked over. They had a huge crowd waiting for them to open the doors.
Here's my selection layed out, I'm happy with what I came home with. I found out at quilt group why they were so picked over, of the 6 am group there was Gail who bought 100, and Yvonne who got 63.