Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What Knots Christmas Party

Yesterday I hosted the Christmas party for my small quilt group, the What Knots. Good friends, tasty food, exciting quilts, what more can you ask for.

In the past, the tradition was that everyone would make a 12" Christmas themed block. We would have a guessing game, trying to figure out who made which block. Then we'd draw a name for one person who would get to keep the blocks. Once you had won, you were ineligible, last year we were down to only 2 of us left who hadn't won the blocks, so everyone one made 2 blocks and we were done.

Now we had to come up with something different to do, and I had been telling the group about a project I had been following on the internet, where they were all making quilts inspired by photos. My group of primarily traditional quilters wanted to try, we brought in photos, voted on the one we liked best, and gave ourselves the goal of having the project ready to reveal at the Christmas party.

The rules were that we had "no stinkin' rules". You were just to make a quilt inspired by the photo, whatever size, shape, materials, techniques you wanted. It was so exciting to see what everyone did. I'm going to tease you a little with these pictures, I took an individual picture of each quilt and have promised to make a gallery of them, I want to crop them and make a nice presentation so it may take a few days, plus I'm feeling the rush to get a present made and in the mail first.

Here is everyone trying to figure out who made what, the winner guessed 5 right, I think there were a couple that guessed 4, I only correctly identified mine and one other

Then we ate, sorry I took the pictures after we had eaten, so you just see the remains on the plates.

What is really exciting is how much everyone enjoyed doing the project, they really stretched themselves and are now ready to do it again.

The group that originally inspired us is the Frayed Edges of Maine. The link will take you to a post by memeber Sarah Smith where she shares about "5 Artists, 5 Views", which Deborah Boschert has for sale in her Etsy shop. Yes, of course I bought it, I love looking at the photos of all the quilts.


  1. Way cool Karen! I'm so glad we inspired all of you, and that you all had so much fun with your project!

  2. Wonderful! I can't wait to see all your quilts and the inspiration photo. I am so thrilled that you've been inspired by our 5x5 project!