Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tote Bag Done

I finished the tote bag for my sister-in-law, now it's up to Dave to get it boxed and in the mail, I've done my part.

Lovely batik fabric, I went for simple piecing and not much quilting, just down the light colored lines. I think she will like it.

And I did a few rows of knitting on the sock last night, it's a basket weave pattern. I love the yarn.

Now on to serious photo preparing of the What Knot's challenge. When I was taking the quilt pictures I noticed that my camera (on a tripod) seemed to be a bit tilted, but I couldn't figure out why, and I was in a hurry as everyone else was eating desert while I was taking pictures.

While taking this morning's pictures I had a duh! moment, it was tilted because of the way I had the legs of the tripod. Yes, they were all the same length, but they were not at the same angle, so that made the camera tilted. However, I did figure out how to straighten the pictures out in photoshop, so you won't have to tilt your head to view them. I sent an e-mail to the group asking everyone to write "artist statements" for me to include, so far only 1 response.

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