Friday, December 28, 2007

Just Us Girls

Dave and Matt have gone skiing today so it's just me, the cat and the dog today, I'm hoping without interruptions I'll be able to concentrate better.

I've been working on my final "Stretching Exercises" class project which has the theme of winter. I've had a lot of ideas floating around my brain, but as usual can't seem to get them out.

My first thought was of snowflakes, and after reading a great article in Quilting Arts about using interfacing I had some direction, which I still have to try.

On the morning of Christmas Eve there was a full moon, I guess it was that night but it was in the morning that I went outside to look and saw a wonderful picture of the full moon and tree silhouettes. I've been trying to sketch it and have searched on the Internet but it didn't seem to come together. I found some great fabric in my stash, a dark blue batik with some gold flecks which I thought would make a great sky. But I kept going in circles because it was too "simple" to make more than a very small piece. Finally I just gave in.

This is fused, 6" x 9" and I do like it. I'm thinking about doing a couple more similar and maybe putting them together so I'm going to wait on adding some quilting.
I like using the light blue fabric for the tree silhouette, representing the light from the moon reflecting off the tree but I've also thought of dark tree silhouettes, but I just don't have the right fabric for that!!! I also really like the image of snow on the tree branches with icicles dripping off them, so maybe I'll just make more small pieces and see where it takes me.