Monday, October 29, 2007

Another Tote Bag

I completed another tote bag, in fact this one has already gone on to it's new owner. I gave it as a birthday present to a friend celebrating 50 years.

The quilting on the nine patch is an all-over loopy sorta fake feather design.
On the other side I followed the flower petals some and then improvised. For wonderful machine quilting ideas, have you seen Patsy Thompson's Designs? I've been watching her blog for a while, but only recently discovered that she's got a wonderful treasury of free designs. I downloaded them all and will refer to them regularly.

Getting together with a group of women friends is always so special, lots of good laughs and catching up. In the "Bellingham is a small town" view, I've know most of these women because we have kids in the same schools, and we've gone from Kindergarten to college with some.

One woman who's daughter is a high school cheerleader shared with another mother that her son was identified as the person who "Mooned" a van full of cheerleaders heading down the highway to a football game. Although the mother of the "mooner" was a bit shocked this was good for a lot of giggles. I guess "mooning" is alive and well, another daughter lost driving privileges for awhile because she was so shocked when she was "mooned" that she used her cell phone while driving and word got back to the mom. And yes, most of these woman have participated in"mooning" at some point in their youth.