Sunday, September 09, 2007

Home Again

Why is it that it takes as many days as you were gone to catch up on your life? I guess I'm not there yet, I was gone 5 days and have only been home 5 now and I'm so behind. It doesn't help that yesterday instead of catching up I played with some friends going to the La Conner Quilt Museum. I was totally blown away by the quilts of Barbara Shapel, she does exquisite machine quilting and her quilts are displaced as 2 sided. Of course pictures don't do justice to her work but it's worth the time to look at her website.

We had a great trip down to California, lots of driving which was just horrible the first day. Even leaving town at 1:00 on the Friday of Labor Day weekend didn't help, we hit traffic in Seattle and it was slow going all the way to Centralia. This picture is the rest stop in Olympia, didn't quit capture the carnival atmosphere, cars, trucks and people everywhere. One lady we chatted with in the rest room line was going to turn around, just didn't want to fight the traffic anymore, but as luck would have it, things eased up not long after that.

Still we didn't check into our hotel at the half way point until 11:00 pm, making for 10 hours on the road. We did make a stop for dinner and shopping at Pier 1 as Linda wanted to buy a "Papa-son Chair" for her daughter. Here's what the car looked like for the rest of the way down, it's amazing we got it in as she already had a futon chair in there.

I am so bad at taking pictures when I'm doing things, but I do have some from a visit to the beach that I'll get to later, I really need to vacuum and take care of some household chores. We are also having a lovely spate of weather so some time in the yard this afternoon is called for.