Saturday, June 23, 2007


You'll have noticed (I hope) that I changed the look of my blog. I've asked my daughter, who is studying graphic design, to create a banner for me, but she hasn't had time yet so I decided to play with some of my pictures, I thought these leaves looked interesting.

As an update to my order from the Michigan Bulb Company, my last item, a Dogwood "Tree" finally arrived. According to the package tracking, it was in Kent, WA on June 10, but didn't arrive here till June 22. It took 12 days to go 90 miles, got to love the US Postal Service. It seems they ran out of the "potted plants" so they sent me this bare root one, we'll see if it grows or not.

Here are the other plants after 2 weeks, the Bellflowers are showing some leaves and there are tiny shoots on the yarrows plants.

And for a bit of color, here is some Sweet William. It's sort of a volunteer in the yard, back about 5 years ago Dave covered our septic system mound with some wild flower seeds, and we had a lovely assortment that first year, some came back the next year but soon the grass took over. Some Sweet William always tries to come up each year, this patch is next to one of my beds so I've managed to keep it weeded.

Here's Agnes gobbeling up some cracked corn. We haven't seen much in the way of ducks these last few days, I was up early this morning and saw a female on Ducky Island, but she didn't stay around for long.
I'm wondering if now is the time that they molt, from what I have read they can't fly for a month while they get their new feathers.