Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Duck Soup

How do you tell one duck from another? Aside from the obvious in Mallards where the female is brown and the male has lovely colors, is there any way to tell them apart?

We've been having a lot of duck visitors, only 2 at a time, but I sure they are different ducks than our regulars, Alfred and Agnes. The first pair to arrive on Sunday took off immediately when we approached the pond. Next came a single male and after he left there was a single female. Are they a couple heading for divorce?

The next pair didn't take right off, but they were a bit skittish and not very hungry. There also seems to be a pattern where on the pond different ducks hang out. It was very obvious when Alfred and Agnes returned, they immediately came running when they saw us and gobbled up all the bread and cracked corn we gave them.

If you can't tell from the above laundry, Kim is home for a few day of Spring Break. (sorry about the bad picture, poor lighting and out of focus). There always seems to be lots of piles in the family room whenever she is here, but we love having her home anyway. She is trying out vegatarianism, so I've had some cooking challenges, last night I made a vegi lasagna. Dave was really good about it, usually after a meatless meal he's scrounging in the refridgerator for some extra protein.

Speaking of the darling husband, he woke me at 5 am after he had a cold shower. At first he thought we were out of propane, but more investigation revealed that the timer on the boiler is not adjusted to our new day light savings time, and any hot water that might have remained overnight was probably used in a late night shower by the daughter!