Saturday, February 10, 2007

Duck Obsession

Temps have been in the 40's, so there's no ice on the pond and we've had a few visits from the ducks. I got up this morning and saw they were here.

Then I wondered where the dog was (usually she's sleeping in our room) so I walked out onto the porch to look for her. As I'm standing there, I see the ducks (about 200 feet away) walk out of the pond and start towards me. They keep waddling my way. I walk down off the porch in their direction, and they keep coming. They come up to within a few feet of me, obviously they are tame and are looking for treats, so I go back into the house and get some bread, and they patiently wait for me. I toss them some chunks, they even take pieces right out of my hand. Just about then I hear the side door to the garage open and then WHOOSH! Dave had let the dog out, she came flying towards me and the ducks in a rush and they flew off, but just back to the pond.

We put the dog back in the house so Dave and Matt could have a turn feeding them.

And they are using Ducky Island, I tried to take a picture of them on it, but whenever I come outside they jump off and head towards me. Simple pleasures, feeding ducks on a sunny morning.