Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Comment!!!

I got comments! I'm so excited, and thank you so much for looking and commenting. I am curious how you found me since I'm not part of any "rings" or such. I know one or 2 friends have added me to their links lists, is that it?

After a break of a few weeks I am knitting again. It took me a while to work up the courage to cast on the second half of my vest. It's a very simple pattern, the stitches are just garter stitch (knit every row) except on one side you slip every 5th stitch to create the design.

In the above picture the vest half is folded over. This vest buttons, both in the back and the front, it's designed to be worn either way with a different neckline. One way has a V neck front, or if youturn it around you have a round neck front. So the completed first half looks a little unusual.

That's the armhole in the middle, and no this hasn't been blocked, I just pinned it to the back of the couch to have it in the sun for the picture. On the second half I have to put in button holes, which has me nervous. I've actually done the first set, now I've got to figure out the spacing as I continue on.

I am reading "Knitting Rules!" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Besides the humor and the knitting instructions there is good encouragement to just go ahead a do it. If you are interested, she's got a great blog Yarn Harlot - and she gets over 300 comments to each of her posts!!!