Saturday, October 19, 2013

Quilt Retreats

 I've been quite the spoiled girl, attending 2 quilt retreats in a month.  But I did get a lot of sewing done.  These first 2 pictures were taken at the Willow Pond retreat by Cindy.  She documented a lot of the group's fun on Facebook.  The quilt top above is suppose to be my Bonnie's Team donation, but I'm running a bit behind on getting it quilted.

 Several ladies admiring Val's quilt, but that's me in the background at my machine.

 Next retreat was at Warm Beach and I brought my recently completed Zig Zag quilt made from Kaffe fabrics to photograph.

 Bunny had the great idea to pose the quilt on an old wagon that was a decoration near our sewing hall.

 My first project was to sew together the blocks of this quilt.  I started it in a class at Sister's, then managed to get the blocks all sewing during the earlier retreat.  I knew this facility had great walls for designing, so I was able to complete this top.  This is a really big quilt for me, 72" x 84"

 Most of my time was spent on this quilt.  I had purchased the stripped Kaffe fabric a couple of years ago (or maybe last year) and had this inspiration to make a triangle quilt with rows of color.  It went through several arrangements.  My daughter Kim stopped in for a visit at the retreat on her way to Bellingham from Seattle and I had her play with the blocks.  She decided I needed to have a light source and did most of this arrangement.  The blocks are sewn together in horizontal rows but those rows still need to be stitched together.

 And for a little break I made a few more blocks for this selvage quilt that is also a long term project.

Back at home, the spiders have been very busy on the deck railing and yard art.