Saturday, September 14, 2013

Photo of the Week

The Garden Spot in Bellingham has been having a weekly photo contest on their Facebook page.  I've entered twice, and won twice because I've been the only entrant that week.  The best part is how they describe my picture and my garden.

September 13, 2013:  We enjoyed this photo because it captured the connection to the natural world that gardening gives all of us. We were pretty impressed with the lush perennials and ferns in the background as well!

August 10, 2013:  Karen Glenn Mason’s shade garden really wowed us. We enjoyed the subtle use of texture and color in creating this serene space, the broad-leaved hostas in harmonious counterpoint to the spiky sword ferns. The use of boulders really gave it a true ‘Northwest’ feel. And we thought the garden art added just the right touch of whimsy to this shady retreat.