Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cityscape Project

At The Quilter's Affair in Sister's OR this summer I took a 2 day class from Hilde Morin titled Cityscapes.  It was a wonderful class where I stretched myself to create a quilt from a photo using piecing only, no applique allowed.

Everyone showed their photos at the start, I had one of Friday Harbor, which on reflection seemed too complex for a first project.  Diana was working from this photo and let me share.  It seemed much more manageable.

I had 2 very productive days and came away with this almost completed quilt top.

And now it is done.  As I see the pictures together I realize I lost one of the unique aspects, the wonderful perspective of the upward view of the building.  After a rocky start with the machine quilting, I found my groove and really enjoyed the process.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Update:  1/21/2014  I now know where the picture was taken.  It is Hundertwasser Village in Vienna.  Norma has a similar picture on her blog that she is going to work from.