Sunday, June 03, 2012

June Rain

It may be June, but it's been cloudy and cool here, lots of drizzly days.  My creativity has been cloudy too, but I went with the inspiration of a blog post by Kathy Loomis  and made this piece.

I'm not good at coming up with names and stories for my quilts.  Reality is I had this piece of hand dyed fabric that I had done some playing with, stamping with bubble wrap and using a Shiva paint stick to add some subtle texture.  Then I sliced it and added the color strips.  This is a small piece, 8" x 8", but it is DONE!

 (Quilt posed on our rock walkway)
It gives me the impression of looking out my window.  There is the blue of the rainy skies, with little slices of color, occasional sunshine and things blooming in the yard.

 (Quilt posed on the wood deck, which do you think is the best pose ignoring that the color is more washed out from the 2 outside pictures?)

I was so inspired by my accomplishment, I did the whole thing in a day.  Immediately I went to work on this piece that has been languishing for several months.  I hope I can keep the flow going. ( and yes that is some new fabric on the left hand side that I got yesterday when I went to see the quilt show in Sedro Woolley.)