Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bahamas Trip – Post 4, odds and ends


My last post with the rest of the beach

This is the Sky Beach Resort near Governers Harbour.  sky beach2

conch salad

When we got back from our trip to Harbor Island, this gentleman was set up to make fresh Conch Salad.  I do mean fresh, we watched the complete preparation including getting the Conch from the shell.  kalik

Kalik is the local beer, a lovely light brew.Pina Cafe

All the building were lovely colors, we had hoped to lunch at this deli, but they were closed.dave crafting

Randy and I did some crafting with the shells we collected, and Dave got into it too.Randy crafting


I made Randy a set of crochet covered rocks with some stones we picked up on their beach.  another sunset