Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Mashup

How about some gorgeous hand spun yarn. This was given to me by Jayme, she spun it on the spinning wheel I lent her. Lovely mix of colors, now what to make with it??? Notice the Milo foot in the picture.

I am not happy with Milo this morning. I awoke to a crash, somehow he knocked over a vase that I'm pretty sure was on a low shelf. My suspicion is that he was chasing his little mousy, which I managed to catch and throw outside. I'm getting pretty good at that.

Yesterday I set up the quilt frame and started quilting. The kitties though it was a new fort for them to play in. Later I noticed that the quilt was bulging low and found Sophie sleeping in a comfy hammock.
I went to my Optometrist which is on the south side of town, I don't normally go to that area much, and I finally stopped at this little nursery I've noticed but never went to, The Gardens at Padden Creek. What a great find, it's bigger that it appears from the road and they stock different plants that I'm used to seeing. This is a great ground cover, Persicaria "Painter's Palette". They had a different variety growing in their garden which I loved, but I'm happy with this one.
My other purchase was this interesting plant, Spiney Bear's Breeches acanthus spinosus. Isn't it unusual. Oh, I hope they survive and grow. And I have to go pick up my new glasses this week, I just may have to stop in again.