Sunday, April 19, 2009

Knitting Class

Yesterday I took a class from Tuulia Salmela on making a tailored sweater, knit from the top down with set in sleeves.  In 6 hours, this is what I got done.


sampleOK, it’s just a sample to learn the technique and is not anything I plan to finish, but I learned a lot.  Tuulia’s technique is well thought out and has lots of flexibility.  What you are looking at is the neck hole, the needles are over on the sleeve cap.  If I were to continue, I’d knit in the round until I came to the point to separate the body from the sleeves.  In the class I also got help on some basic techniques (I’ve finally master wrap and turn) and we received a CD with a spreadsheet to create our own sweaters perfectly sized from our measurements, and a file that is essentially a book on this technique.

When I signed up for the class I thought it seemed a bit expensive, but it was a great value.  After the class which was held at my LYS Apple Yarns, we were all given a lovely gift bag.

apple gift bag

Included in the bag was this skein of yarn, some stitch markers and a $10 gift certificate.stitch markers

I’ve always wanted some pretty stitch markers but won’t buy them because I just “know” I can make them , so these are a treat, notice the cute kitty bead.  Also 2 people in the class won great door prizes, alas, not me.milo on rock

Speaking of kitties , here’s a little Milo cuteness, sitting on a rock with his tail all puffed out from chasing around the yard.