Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Update

The Ducks are back! After all our crazy weather, the minute the ice was cleared from the pond, they returned. I had feeding duty since Dave is out golfing this morning. So I decided to walk around the yard and see what I've missed.
Jessie Dog and Milo Kitty had to join me on my rounds, Milo kept trying to chase the ducks. I'm not quite sure why he's so puffed up, maybe it was to just stay warm.
The Garden Gnome doesn't seem to mind all the leaves and dead stalks around him.
A few textures caught my eye.

Dave took down the Christmas light that were on the deck railing, but they only made it as far as this chair. I thought they looked interesting piled there. Click on any of the pictures if you want to see them larger.
Here's my new camera, picture taken in the mirror. I'm quite happy with it, lots to learn about it though. It's a Panasonic, Lumix, DMC-FZ28.