Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Customer Service

Just to give this post some visual interest, I've added a pretty pink sunrise sky from a few weeks ago.

My sister-in-law ordered a gift package from Omaha Steaks for us for Christmas. It should have been delivered a few days before Christmas, but with a foot of snow on the ground, UPS could not come up our driveway, a number of presents were late.

Finally the Monday after Christmas our UPS driver called and asked us to meet him at the bottom of our driveway so he could deliver a couple of packages, one of which was this Gift from Omaha Steaks. The "Highly Perishable Frozen Product" label and the fact that it had been in transit for about 10 days alerted us to the fact the the product was spoiled.

Our reaction was along the lines of - they can't be held responsible for the weather, but Dave decided to call and let them know the situation. They immediately offered to send us another package.

Temps had warmed up, we had some heavy rain and after all the snow, most of the rivers flooded, and wouldn't you know, our second package got stuck when then interstate was closed for 2 days due to flooding.

Another phone call and another package was sent, which arrived promptly, the special dry ice in the bottom of the Styrofoam container was still in tact on this one. I was quite amazed that they sent out 3 of these packages containing pricey beef.

Now what do we do with 3 large Styrofoam containers?

And for those who just skip over to the pictures, another pretty sunrise sky.