Thursday, September 13, 2007

Group Project

My small quilt group, the What Knots, decided to do a small art quilt project. Inspired by the project done by the Frayed Edges in Maine we have picked a picture and everyone is going to produce a quilt inspired by that picture. There are no rules (we hate rules), just suggestions. One suggestion is to work small, better chance to finish, because we do have a suggested deadline of our December meeting.

Here's the picture we will be working from.

Everyone brought in pictures that they thought might be good quilts. First round of voting narrowed it down to the top 3. Everyone decided that they wanted to be surprised by the outcome when they received a copy of the picture in the mail, so I didn't count the ballots at the meeting. Surprise, the vote was 4/4/3. I checked the results from the first round and the top 2 pictures also tied for the top 2 votes on the first round. So it was up to me to choose between 2 really neat options, finally I picked this one because it has ORANGE in it. Later I realized this was probably submitted by Laurie who had just returned from a European trip so that adds to the appropriateness of this picture. Won't this be fun!!!