Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Sophie the kitty really likes to be outside. I thought I was going to have an inside kitty but she has other ideas and just loves to cavort under the bushes in the yard. I'm only letting her out when I'm home and can check on her every hour or so, she does come out when called and of course I keep her inside at night.

She did go out on Sunday morning when Dave & Matt were packing up for their canoe trip, it was misty/rainy. When I searched for her I found her crouched on the patio table under the umbrella and she gladly came inside, so I'll probably have my inside kitty when the weather turns.
Around dinner time yesterday I herded her inside, but since she still wanted to be out and it was warm I left the screen door open so she could go in and out. In she came, with something in her mouth!!! I hurried to look and she showed me the mouse she had caught, which was still alive and quickly skedaddled off behind the TV. I told Sophie to go get the mouse, but she couldn't find it in all the cords. While I was watching TV, I saw the mouse dart out twice, but quickly retreated. I gave up, went in the other room worried that in the middle of the night I'd have a mouse crawl across my face. Before going to bed I tracked Sophie down, and there she was in front of the TV playing with a dead mouse!!! Yes she caught it, I was so proud.Of course after throwing it away I couldn't get her to settle down, she likes open windows. The one in my bedroom doesn't have a ledge so she was leaping up and hanging from the screen until I put a stop to that.