Monday, August 27, 2007

A little Ramble

I see a week has gone by without a post, not really much to say. I started a post about a shopping trip, but my problem always seems to be coming up with a "punch line" a way to finish off the story to make it all cohesive. Something to work on.

The desk in front of my computer is clean of all the scraps of paper that usually reside there, bills, receipts, paperwork that needs attention. I have been feeling the need to rearrange my studio, but there seems to be so many "steps" that need to be completed first before I can get to the actual moving of furniture. There is junk everywhere, it needs to be organized and cleaned out. I start one place, and it takes me to another, and nothing gets done. I removed a box that sat near my printer to house different types of paper, I hadn't used it in several years. That led me to the shelves were I store all my assorted paper supplies, envelopes, folders, notebooks. For some reason I keep buying large packages of photo printing paper. I don't print photos on my printer, so why do I keep buying the paper? I hope it's something Kim can use.

The day ended yesterday with the shelves almost empty and the items that were on them covering the floor. I did toss a few things, and moved some which then led me to another shelf that needed work.

I haven't been able to start my next class project, the first step is to go somewhere we don't normally go and sit and observe and take notes. Since I'm going on a road trip next weekend I thought that would be perfect, but it will leave me short on time to create. Meanwhile I'm actually contemplating how to approach another project, I want to use some of my hand dyed fabric in a small piece, maybe even do some embellishment - I've been thinking about stamping on the fabric.

No punch line to finish this off, but I'm out of time and want to post this just in case anyone is checking in.