Sunday, August 19, 2007


Here is my gray top, unquilted and pinned to my design board with a possible binding for the effect. It's OK, but it doesn't really do what I wanted it to. I wanted the larger border to be a gray fabric and after trying everything in my stash I went shopping yesterday. Bellingham now has 2 quilt stores, also another fabric store with a lot of quilt fabric, I even checked Joann's. I came home with four 1/4 yard pieces but couldn't get a combination I liked. Part of the problem is the yellow and pink center to the flower and trying to get an inner border that worked.

This is only a class experiment, so I could just leave it as is. Another option is to just finish it, it is pleasing in it's own way but it will not be a companion piece to the orange one. A third option that I'm contemplating is to remake the gray petals with a different center to the flower. Or a variation of this would be to take this one apart. Decisions, decisions.

But it's a rainy Sunday, so a day in the studio looks good. On the easily amused front, Sophie really wanted to go outside so I decided to let her out as a tease since it's raining. She's been running around under the house eaves, trying to go farther but then races back out of the rain. Whenever she peers in the patio door I'll open it to see if she's ready to come in, but then she'll race off again.