Saturday, May 05, 2007


Next weekend we are flying to Chicago to attend my niece's wedding. Over the weekend we will be staying in a suburb (Waukeagan) near where the wedding will be, then on Sunday Dave and Matt will fly home and Kim and I will stay downtown to see the sights till Tuesday.

I’ve been using the internet to do all my research on things to do. Yesterday I found what I think is a real neat tour, using Segways. Kim is a little skeptical about it but willing to go along for me.

I'm looking at tours because I think that would be a quick way to get the lay of the land. Most people I’ve talked to have been to Chicago, usually as a child and they have a specific memory of something they saw at a museum there. My dental hygienist remembers seeing a large gem at the Natural History Museum, a nurse remembers going through a simulated coal mine at the Museum of Science and Industry. Kim and I have decided that Art Museum is our first stop.

Yesterday I was at the library picking up some paperbacks to read on the trip and I was visiting with one of my quilting friends who works there. She pointed me to the books – city guides. I’ve been so focused on looking on the internet I forgot there are great books of places to see, which will be much handier to take along – but I imagine Kim will bring her lap top with her.

I'm not a big traveler and other than the west coast I haven't seen much of the country. The farthest east I've been is when I went to Paduccah in 1998 for the quilt show so this trip is quite the adventure for me - and the kids too.